Papa Bear’s Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Fred’s birthday. Baby Bear was all about celebrating and even helped me make cupcakes by supervising me and keeping up morale:




After the cupcakes were inspected for quality and were approved, we moved on to the birthday card. Last weekend Little Bear and I had gone card shopping and she helped me pick out a really cute card for her dad.



I even did something bold and put a marker in her hand and let her sign the card herself. This potentially disastrous situation actually went smoothly, mostly because she wasn’t sure what was happening. At one point she did try to eat the marker, which is how I knew it was time to be done.


And here’s the birthday approval police again:


After that we set up the display. To top it off, we got him his favorite candy; Skriddles!!



Then it was just a waiting game for Papa Bear to come home. Lil Bear got bored of waiting so we threatened to eat his Skriddles!



Book Time With Papa Bear

Now that Baby Bear is more aware, we are trying to spend more time reading to her. We sometimes give her those plush books, but she doesn’t really spend any time looking at those. They mostly just end up in her mouth.

The wonderful Papa Bear has made it a point to incorporate reading time into their daily routine. He’s got it all figured out right down to their sitting positions!

Little Bear loves looking at books (as long as someone is holding it up for her and far enough away from her that she can’t try to chew on it!) She stares at the pictures and reaches out for the book to grab the pages. Sometimes it even seems like she is trying to turn the pages!



She likes reading time so much that now we are in the market for some more books. Does anyone have any suggestions for your favorites?

Baby Bear Celebrates a {Very} Early Halloween

Every year Baby Bears grandparents host a summertime Halloween celebration at their campground. It is one of the most popular weekends, and this year Baby Bear got to enjoy her first one. It was a warm summer day, but Baby Bear donned her orange colored ghost shirt and went trick or treating with the rest of the kids in the parade!

We even took a ride on the hay ride, but we didn’t get very good pictures because by that point she was fussy and needed a nap.






Baby Bear can’t wait for real Halloween!

Fun With Grandpa & Auntie

Baby Bear had a lot of fun with her Grandpa S and Aunt Em last weekend when they came out to visit. We did some fun activities but mostly just hung out and played.

Little Bear showing Grandpa how she plays with the bouncer:


Little Bear and Auntie Em making funny faces:


Little Bear and Auntie Em playing some video games!


And last but not least, Little Bear and Grandpa showing off their hunting outfits. Where are they? Little Bear has her game face on:


Baby Bear’s First Solid Food

The doctor gave us the go ahead to start Baby Bear on solid foods! She is a little over 4 months old and SO ready to start trying some new things. We sit her at the dinner table with us and she watches us eat in awe. She wants some too!

The first food we started with was single grain oatmeal cereal. The doctor told us to avoid rice cereal, because did you know rice in high quantities is bad for you? Yeah, we didn’t know that either!

Baby Bear took to eating the oatmeal right away. I swear she knew exactly what to do and I can only guess its because she watches her older cousin Charlotte like a hawk. As soon as she saw the spoon and the food in the bowl she perked right up, and as soon as she saw the spoon coming at her, she tipped her head right up and opened it like a little baby bird! She also kept reaching for the spoon like she wanted to grab a hold of it, and when I would take the spoon back to scoop some more, she reached her hands out to me as if to say, “why did you stop?!”



We are going to do the cereal for a couple weeks and then we are going to start trying some other foods like carrots and squash.

So far the solid food experience has been messy but good. We are certainly going to be using a lot more bibs! Do you have any solid feeding tips or fun stories to share?